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96% of customers who have a disappointing experience won’t tell you about it

Every day you're at risk of losing loyal customers without understanding why.

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Our simple SmartSurveys help you understand your customers

Get answers to the questions that matter most - would customers recommend you, are your staff performing or did your customers purchase all they intended to?

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Capture feedback in the way that suits you

We'll match your business goals with the right approach.

On site devices

Gather in-the-moment ratings with our counter and floor stand tablets or via our mobile phone app.

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From $75 per month

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Web-based surveys

Create customisable links you can put on receipts, product packaging, or embed in your app or website.

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From $10 per month

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Targeted outreach

Link feedback to a transaction by connecting to your POS and get post-sale feedback via email or SMS.

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From $40 per month

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Clear and simple reporting

See your insights on your RateIt portal or connect via our API.

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Say hello to a modern feedback platform

We've built something that you and your customers will love to use.

Ridiculously easy

Ridiculously easy

We've designed a truly easy and delightful feedback experience.

Crazy high engagement

Crazy high engagement

Our trademark smileys result in an average engagement rate of 34%.

Better questions

Ask better questions

SmartSurveys help you ask your customers the right questions to give you the right insights.

Biometrics to protect your data

Kids or staff can’t skew the scores

Our in-person tablets have world-leading biometric filters to ensure the integrity of your data.

Simple reporting

Simple and clear reporting

Our ExperienceIQ insights platform surfaces your most important findings, and our CX team help you action that data.

 Effortless setup

Effortless setup - no IT integration required

There's no technical stuff to do. We can be live in days, not months.


Ready to discover what your customers think and feel?

We'll help you get started with expert CX advice and bespoke survey creation.

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See how these great brands are using RateIt

Don’t just take our word for it - learn how some of our biggest fans use our products.

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In an increasingly crowded local market, delivering great customer experiences was one of the only ways to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

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Gardens by the bay

Gardens by the bay

The traditional method of gathering visitor feedback through paper forms captured limited information on the visitor experience.

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The emergence of online retail has caused customer experience to become vitally important in establishing and sustaining a competitive advantage.

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We’re obsessed with delivering awesome customer experiences

That’s why we made the #1 podcast on the topic of customer experience (CX)! On Customer Experience Leaders you can listen in for fascinating chats with CX leaders, giving you practical, jargon-free tips to delight your customers.

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